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    Jill Stevens

    Hi there
    I’m Jill and I’m the proud owner of a beautiful 12 year old Keeshond called Mac. In January we believe he started with glaucoma in one eye brought on by uveitis, but didn’t know this at the time, he was acting strange and was disoriented, they vet he went to gave him some steroids but didn’t detect anything wrong with his eyes.

    On Monday I came home from work to find he would move around, took him straight to my vets (the first vet was my ex partners vet, we share the dogs and he had him and his brother, our cocker spaniel called Barney at the time). My vet immediately saw a problem and I made an appointment for yesterday at a very good animal eye clinic.

    The vet Rosie did a lot of tests on him and they sedated him and took fluid from his eyes. I don’t know if anyone knows anything about Glaucoma, I didn’t until yesterday, the pressure in the eyes should be about 15/20, Mac, poor thing was around 70, he’s on Azarga drops and Predforte drops 4 times a day. I didn’t realise that it was such a painful thing to have and feel so guilty that I didn’t know sooner.

    They’ve realeased the pressure and today I wait to find out if there is any underlying problem that has caused all this (poss cancer). I’m hoping I hate to say it that it is only blindness, but if it is I’m so worried about his quality of life. Even though he is in his normal surroundings he just doesn’t want to move around, is this normal with a newly blind dog, will it get easier for him. I would love any advice on things to make his life happier, any special leads or harness that would make him more confident walking.
    Thanks Jill

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