My Fear with Harold's potential eye/s removal

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    Maggie M

    Hello everyone. Thank goodness for this site. It’s great to know I will be able to talk to other owners who’ve been through what I am anticipating. My little boy Harold, a rescued toy Poodle, started to go blind when he was approximately 5 or so. No one knows for sure how old he is but the vet guessimated his age when I took him in for an appointment following his fall from a balcony. He just kept on walking over the edge and luckily landed in some dense bushes which broke his fall without injury. The vet checked him out, including his eyes and told me Harold has what looks like PRA, or progressive retinal atrophy. His prognosis was that he would eventually go totally blind and this has proved to be correct. Harold is now approximately 15 or 16 years old and is totally blind. Over the past 9 months his eyes started weeping excessively with lots of mucus congealing on his fur and if I was not extremely careful when cleaning the fur around his eyes he would scream, so obviously in a lot of pain. The new vet I took him to (I moved states) tells me he has either glaucoma or severe cataracts (can,t remember) or both and that the pressure is building up particularly in his right eye and that I should consider having his eye removed to relieve him of the pain or because he’s such an old dog, to have him euthanased. He’s given me time to consider the options. In the meantime vet has prescribed drops which relieve the pain and swelling (In Victoria, Australia where we live, their trade name is “Acular” eye drops. I have at last made the decision to have his eye removed but would really appreciate some input from others who may have had to help their own beloved dog in this way. I’m very concerned about complications with the surgery (what if the vet doesn’t do it properly?) What could go wrong? Will he survive the anaesthetic? Is he too old? I know Harold will probably have the same thing happen to his left eye so should they both be removed at the same time? Apart from the usual (!) oral health issues, Harold has a strong heart and a willing, sweet, brave disposition so fingers crossed and a lot of prayer, I head towards this decision with my beloved little friend by my side. Can anyone advise what to ask the vet to be particularly careful about, what the recovery period is likely to be in such an old dog and what level of pain will Harry be in during recovery. I know he will cope with no vision because he’s been blind for most of his life now and he’s just an amazing little soldier. Any input from you out there will be gratefully received. Thanks everyone, Maggie.

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