My dog is a yorkie about 7 years old and blind in the left eye and almost blind

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    My little 7 pound yorkie— named Sophie adopted her on Feb 1 2019 from a no kill animal shelter.

    When we first took her home, we were told that she had a tear or scratch in her left eye and was on antibiotics for this.

    As time has gone on, we have noticed that her eyesight was deteriorating in her left eye.

    Then we noticed that she was having trouble with her right eye.

    Took her to the vet this week, she is completely blind in the left eye and has very poor vision in her right eye.

    She is bumping into things. Finding her food and doggie door.
    If she gets sort of lost in the house, her older canine brother, gets up with a loud sigh and guides her.
    If they go outside together, he guides her to the steps.

    She is having trouble with the steps, Very sometimes pets on the deck.

    Very depressed, afraid to move much. Follows us around like a lost puppy.
    She has been a lapdogfrkm the get go.
    Trembled some, whines a little.
    The vet is starting her on eye drops for comfort.
    Otherwise he said she might need an enucualtion at some point.

    No big discussion on anything but keeping her and how to adjust.
    My husband and i and Sophie and her brother are learning a new normal.

    My husband took her for a walk today on her leash, said she did great.
    We are going camping, the of us.
    She will do well.

    Sophie is a little depressed. I know she will get over that also. Improving every day.

    We were not shocked with the diagnosis as we highly suspected the news.

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