My dog can barely see after dental cleaning

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    I took my 16 yr old rat terrier to have a dental cleaning on Friday. During the cleaning they removed a tiny something from his gum. I picked him up later on Friday and he was doing ok. During the weekend I noticed his one eye was partly closed and tearing up. He didn’t seem to have much energy. Fast forward to a few days later after taking him back to vet and he has a calcium deposit on one eye and is getting same on the other eye. I am taking him to an opthamologist on Monday. The anti inflammatory drops have helped. I now see both eyes open. He had cataracts and could still see before the cleaning. Now his sight is not good. He stumbles into things and doesn’t see well. We will see what the specialist says on Monday.
    I am devastated. He has had dental cleaning before. I feel terrible. I keep telling myself that I should have never taken him in for a dental cleaning. I thought his life was over but after reading a few posts, I have some hope.
    Any suggestions etc are appreciated. I won’t know more til Monday.

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