My 12-year-old Shitzu with glaucoma left eye

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    Our regular vet determined my dog Darla had glaucoma in her left eye with pressure of 43 and stated she is in a lot of pain. I saw an ophthalmologic specialist yesterday, who recommended removing her eye. I left in tears, paid $179 & was told the surgery would be roughly $2400 for removal & $2600 if I decided to do an implant.

    A friend suggested going to her vet, whom she trusts implicitly for a second opinion. I think that might be a good idea to help me decide how to proceed. I know I need to make a decision quickly as she is suffering silently but I’m scared to do the wrong thing.

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    Paula – ADMIN

    The cost for eye removal can vary dramatically from vet to vet. $2400 is at the high end. I have seen the cost vary between $300 and as much as $3000.

    I can’t remember the exact cost for mine but it was somewhere around $700 for one eye. That is in Australia dollars which converts to about $900US.

    If you are going to be going to your friends vet, give them a ring first and ask them what their rate is for eye removal. You can also ring around to other vets just to get an idea of the different pricing.

    Also in terms of implants, that really is only a personal thing. It has no benefit to the dog, it is really for the human as some people don’t like to see their dog without an eye.

    Just wanted to add that you don’t need a specialist to do the eye surgery. This is the type of surgery that a vet can do and they are generally always cheaper than a specialist. Mine was done by a regular vet.

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