Maisy adopted blind

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    Hello all,
    My name is Gabbie I’ve recently adopted a blind hound mix from a rescue league. I’ve had experience with a blind dog she was edlerly but it’s whole new ballgame I’ve realized with little Mais. She’s approx. 9 months old, was found stray and with cataracts from malnutrition. My current struggle is crate training her. I’ve tried oils, comfy and cozy nest for with loads of blankets. I’ve given her one of my old shirts I used to wear all the time and nothing seems to work.

    We’ve also done the feeding inside the crate at meal time, rewards as she goes in and while she’s quiet. But the second I walk away and give a one-time command of “no” she immediately starts howling and crying. Does anyone else have any suggestions? If so please by all means I’m ready for anything.

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    Paula – ADMIN

    Hi Gabbie – I don’t have much advice for you myself as crate training isn’t a thing in Australia, but if you would like to post this on our Facebook page, you will probably get more responses.

    Here’s the link:

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