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    I have just rescued a 12 month old fox terrier x dingo(Australian wild dog). Benny was born with undeveloped eyes and the vet said he is completely blind and does not respond at all to light and dark. He is such a happy go lucky chap and his default attitude to anyone or anything new is Wow – this could be fun!!!! He navigates around really well and only very rarely bumps into anything. I had researched thoroughly before we got him about using scents and textured floor coverings etc to help him navigate. I did it for the first few days but he seemed to cope just as well without, as even I can smell that the bathroom smells different from the bedroom, etc. He gets on fabulously with my other high energy young and very large dogs. He was gentle at first but now he joins in without hesitation in their very rough play. And if I think it is getting too much and intervene and pick him up, the instant I put him down he rushes back to the 2 dogs for more.
    I constructed him a halo, but in all honesty, I think it just gets in the way when he is playing and zooming around exploring with the other dogs. We are on a farm with a fenced in home yard, and apart from picking up sticks and anything that may be a sharp poking hazard, I haven’t made any other adaptations and he is navigating brilliantly and completely at home.
    As he was blind from birth, I was lucky that I didn’t have to go through what many of you on the forum did, with the decision to remove eyes and watch your pets try to adjust in adulthood.
    Ben takes everything in his stride, and so have we in the integration into our family so we are very lucky.

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