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    I was happy to find you here. Kind of out of the blue this little girl came in to our life. She came to us as a rescue, born blind in the Louisiana pound. Sounds like the beginning of a good dog blues tune. Her mom was an aussie mix. She is 13 weeks old.

    She has no sight at all. Her hearing and nose are top notch. She’s happy and pretty calm for a puppy. She is growing at an alarming rate. She has two cats and an older aussie to deal with here at the house. I just thought to check out online forums and was glad it exists.

    We are enjoying her and being creative with scent mapping our house and finding auditory games. She’s doing pretty good potty training but we have to make sure to physically carry her outside at 25 minute intervals as she doesn’t like the idea of going down stairs at all. Thankfully it is only 4 steps.

    Over time with treats and coaxing she might deal with the stairs. Otherwise I’ll make a post called “building a ramp” in a couple of weeks. As she gets bigger I see more challenges coming, but she’s smart, sweet and cute enough to get out of real trouble. Just so you be knowin I only had to get up and take her out three times while making this post!

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    Paula – ADMIN

    She’s lovely!

    I’m sure she will get used to the stairs especially as she gets bigger.

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