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    I’ve just joined this group for help, encourage and advice I hope.
    My 9 year old whippet girl, Poppy has been through a rough time lately having been in the vets for 5 days with very severe pancreatitis. She came home and we had to rush her back the next day with swollen back legs and were told she had a heart murmur so was put on heart tablets, a few days later and the swelling and the murmur has disappeared so she may be taken off them again eventually. We’d also notices a red, sore looking eye which the vets were baffled with at first but when I asked could it be glaucoma they agreed and she is going in on Monday to have a pressure test and if it proves she has he says he will inject the eye which will cure the glaucoma but leave her blind in that eye. I’m worried sick for her health as she is very lethargic but I do force her for little walks for her circulation as the vet advised and she hasnt eaten for days and has been sick two or three times, (just watery yellow bile). I have been reading up and know that the glaucoma could be causing some of these symptoms and I am eager to get rid of the pain for her, she’s been through enough poor soul. What I want to know is has anyone else’s dog had this injection to cure the glaucoma? Does it work and more importantly for me, will it get rid of her pain immediately.
    Thank you in advance for any advice, it will be very appreciated.

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    Hi, Mags!

    So sorry to hear about your Poppy!!! My Sasha had the injection but she had to have it twice because it often times Fails first time. Her other eye was removed and I have never had any problems post that surgery. I recommend that you find the blind dogs Facebook page. There’s a ton of good information on that page and very few people are talking on this page.

    I wish you all the best with your baby and no she will be OK if she is blind. Please join us on the Facebook page. There’s so much good information and so many people talking about their blind dogs.


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    Know not “no”! I had to voice text because I have a dog on my chest 🙂

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    Thank you Kristy,

    I have now joined the Facebook group.


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