How do you know if your dog is in pain?

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    Hello, Mocha lost vision in her left eye a few years ago due to glaucoma. The eye shrunk and pressure went down so we still give her drops in that eye but it is not a problem. Mocha lost vision in the other eye late this summer. We are still giving her drops in that eye as well. Mocha is due for a pressure check and I am terrified to take her in case the reading is high. She is 15 years old and would not be a candidate for surgery. She is overall doing good but on several other medicines and has bad arthritis. She does not seem in any pain. She has her good and bad days but more good than bad. She still eats very well, drinks plenty of water, goes for small walks, and wags her tail when she knows we are around. What should I do? Going to the vets is extremely stressful for her but I don’t want her in pain. She does tend to rub her eyes on the carpet but is wagging her tail when she is doing it…don’t dogs in pain stop eating and interacting? if the pressure is up are there pain meds she can take? Thank you for the help.

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    I don’t have an answer for you, but feel so bad for you and your dear dog. I just joined this group in hopes of feeling less alone and learning more about blindness. My little boy is 8 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with SARD so he is not in pain. I feel very grateful for that. I hope someone here can give you an answer. Meanwhile, stay strong and just do what your heart tells you.


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    Hi there, I have a 15.5 yr. old dog that had cataracts in both eyes and taking eye drops every 4 hrs, he then hit his eye on a table leg and punctured it (a pin sized hole). He was screaming in pain and is now on Tramadol painkillers,and because of his age the vet says he’s too old for surgery unless absolutely has to. It is hard to see your dog losing their sight and my dog is still a bit skitzy if you even go near his eye, so it might be a bit tender still(it’s been 1 month now) and it’s just stopped leaking eyeball fluid so it is healing slowly. His tell of being in pain is excessive licking, but all dogs are different. My old guy is eating and drinking just fine now but after the accident he wasn’t interested in food at all for a few days.
    You might consider getting a soft e-collar for your dog as it will protect her eye’s or a pair of doggles(expensive $80) but unless your vet thinks she doesn’t need them. By the sounds of your girl it doesn’t sound like she is in pain unless when she rubs her eye on the carpet she would start to whine and complain.
    I wish you luck! Take good care of her!

    Teresa & Buggz

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