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    Hi, I have a 13 and a half year old Yorkie, Bob, who was diagnosed with Diabetes last December which is treated with twice daily insulin injections. Unfortunately due to this (and probably his age) he’s almost lost the sight in one and is losing the sight in the other.

    He needed out for the loo after 4 this morning and even though we have security lights which come on, he still banged into a fence, fence post and then side bumped the wall. I’m hoping it’s because he was tired as he isn’t usually as bad with bumping into things.

    Just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on how best to help Bob? Other than the Diabetes, he’s still very healthy, enjoys his walks albeit at a slower pace, playing with the other dogs and LOVES cuddles.

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    Paula – ADMIN

    It could just be that his sight is progressively getting worse hence the bumping into more things.

    But even if he does go completely blind, he will learn to navigate and he won’t bump into things as often. Blind dogs are pretty amazing really.

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    I hope so. He’s dealing with things brilliantly to be fair, I think I’m more worried than he is!

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