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    I’ve recently adopted an english setter who had an enucleation due to glaucoma in one eye, and has lens luxation with cataracts in the other, rendering her very nearly completely blind. I’ve had her for about 2 weeks- initially she was perfect. Learned stairs, layout of house, was quiet when kennelled/left alone. As I am doing more training with her, she’s becoming more attached to me, however I’m finding it to be a very fine line between attachment for training and the development of separation anxiety. She doesn’t settle when crated as well anymore (still good but was perfect before) and has started following me everywhere/constantly searching me out in the house, displaying anxiety when she cannot locate me. I’m worried things will escalate to the point of more severe separation anxiety and am in need of help to curb it before it gets there. Any tips? I’m using DAP but am thinking of adding zylkene. I also am thinking about becoming very strict with crating – putting her in for progessively longer periods of time, constantly. I’ve also struggled with the training of a go to spot – I’ve had no luck with that as she leaves it to search me out.

    Any more tips?

    Sorry for the long windedness and I am sure it’s a frequently asked question, but any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry, I should clarify – strict with crating in that I’m constantly putting her in and taking her out again. Not planning on crating 24/7

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