Hello-My dog has P.R.A.

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    I have a Shetland Sheepdog who is 9 years old and last September while on holiday we noticed her not being able to see her treat biscuits in the holiday cottage.We took her to the vet as soon as we got home, who referred her to a canine eye specialist who then after eye drops and a thorough examination discovered our poor girl had PRA. We were pretty devastated and so very upset as she had already been through so much having had 4 operations on her back legs from the age of six months up until November 2017 three for patellR luxation in both back legs and the last one for a torn cruciate. So this was another blow as we felt she had had her fill of problems and this came along…..

    When diagnosed we ordered and put her on Ocuvance but after only two capsules she was very ill and had terrible diarrhoea and sickness,so we decided not to give it to her anymore,and have now got her on Ocuvance ,don’t know if it is helping but obviously are pretty desperate to help if we can.She has got to see the ophthalmic vet again in September.
    Has anyone else’s dog had this problem?Sounds stupid but you tend to feel you are the only one sometimes…..

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