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    Does anyone have experience with the halo device?

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    We bought one after Miley’s enucleation. Honestly, it’s a nice idea but she tried wearing it a few times and it seemed to confuse her more or she just hated it idk lol. Wasn’t for her. What I DO recommend are these things you can get on Amazon called “Tracerz”. They’re these little dime sized scented wax dots you place around your house (door frames, furniture, bottom of steps, etc) they’re inexpensive and helped Miley SO MUCH!! They’re essential oil scents, not strong enough to bother people, but it definitely helps the dog figure out where they are in the house & keeps them from bumping into things. For example, I’ll put one scent on doorways so she knows where to enter, one scent on furniture so she won’t bump into them, and so on. You have to scratch the wax dots every so often to keep the scent going but they’re really worth it. Here’s the website for more info … https://www.innovetpet.com/products/innovet-pet-products-tracerz-scent-markers-for-blind-dogs-training-aids-3-pk
    Also on Amazon :). Hope all is well!

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