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    Hello, my dog Mocha is a 15 years old and just recently went blind due to glaucoma ( read post help for Mocha). She is doing really well and I have been amazed with her. My question is what do I do about grooming? Mocha has gone to the same groomer since she was a puppy but I am afraid it will freak her out. She had a follow up visit last week with the vet and did terrible. She was so scared. Mocha has always had short hair and I know she is more comfortable when she is groomed. It is not about looks at all. Any thoughts? Is it too soon? Thanks

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    Maggie M

    Hello Jen. My blind Poodle Harold is terrified of anyone new or anything outside his own home area. He’s been blind for 10 years and hasn’t gained any confidence with strangers or new places over the 10 years. So how about this for an idea for your Mocha? Why not buy your own clippers (you can get some quiet ones nowadays) and groom her yourself? If you talk to her constantly and stroke the area before you apply the clippers, she’ll get more confident as you progress. Also, I always reward Harold many times during the long grooming session and he’s got my number now. He knows he has to put up with being clipped but is prepared to put up with it for the many rewards coming his way. Sounds like Mocha is relying on you for her happiness and safety, so if the grooming comes from you, perhaps you’ll end up with two happy little people. You and Mocha. Good luck. Maggie M

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    Thanks Maggie. I think that is a great idea.

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