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    My dog recently lost her eye due to Glucoma the other eye has abnormal drainage and could also go the same way her pressure in it is ok just now should we be putting eye drops in now to prevent the pressure going up or do we wait until it goes up ? Can anyone advise x

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    Hi Janice,

    You should ask your dogs Vet or eye doctor about this.
    My dog had the injection in one eye but his other eye is also blind now.
    He gets 14 eye drops per day, including one drop in the eye that had the injection.

    Have her eye tested for pressure, there is no way to know otherwise.

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    Hi Janice,
    My dog recently lost her right eye to glaucoma also. I have an appointment with an eye specialist to see what I need to do for the other eye. Her left eye is fine now but from what I researched, it seems like the second eye usually develops glaucoma approximately 8 months later. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, but I think you can delay the onset with drops. That is what I am going to find out when I go to the eye specialist. I can let you know if you haven’t found any answers yet since your post. My appointment is December 20!

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    Yes we have her eye tested every 3 months and don’t have eye drops to put in yet as the eye pressure has been ok .. am I meant to be putting drops in to keep the pressure down? Or do you just get eye drops when the pressure starts going up?

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