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    Would like to introduce myself my name is Matthew, Our dog Charlotte 2 months ago had an eye injury which resulted in a corneal ulcer. we started treating it immediately with drops, despite our best efforts the ulcer continued which then resulted in Glaucoma in the eye. The Glaucoma struck literally 24hrs before a specialist appointment at the pet hospital and she immediately went blind. Bad luck I know as the Dr cannot save the eye we have now decided to have the eye removed. Has anyone here had a similar thing happened to them with their pets?

    I feel incredibly guilty cause as hindsight has it, we should have either been referred to the specialist earlier (which we were not advised until 7 weeks in) or we should have had scratch eye surgery with the first vet we visited (which was not our normal vets). we got scared at the idea of surgery with the vets we werent familar with, when we went to our normal vets they said that was a contraversal action and to contiue with drops, but another type. when we saw the specalist it was of course too late, she already had glaucoma but they said the surgery the first vet wanted to do was quite standard. now i feel horrible that this could have healed and she could have kept her sight. in future she may also lose the second eye cause of the glaucoma, has anyone had this where they could have potentially done a different cause of action that realised they should have done but didnt and resulted in the worser case scenario that was life changing.

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