Glaucoma in both eyes

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    I’m writing because I stumbled across this site and so grateful I did. Thank you so very much Paula for putting this out there. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it as I’ve felt I had no where to go. I’m saddened by what’s happening with my 8-year cocker spaniel, Sammy and feel lost as to what to do. Sammy was diagnosed with glaucoma in his right eye about one year ago. I didn’t initially go to a specialist because my vet and I seemed to have the pressure in his right eye under control. Sammy had one drop of latanoprost and cosopt in his left eye, once in the morning and once at night, completely manageable.

    Recently the pressures in his “healthy” left eye spiked and now both eyes are affected. It seems this disease is very unpredictable with spikes occurring unexpectedly which is probably the most frustrating, difficult and emotionally triggering part of this. At one moment, I thought I was doing everything a caring, diligent pet owner could do to retain their dog’s sight then his eye pressures spike. This time it was up to 60 in both eyes.

    Right now, his eye pressures have lowered to 30s but I’m giving him so much medication. 4x a day in both eyes with the cosopt, 3x in both eyes with the latanoprost, he was also diagnosed with dry eye so he gets optimmune ointment in both eyes 2x. He’s on low blood pressure medication, amlodipine, to help reduce the pressure and he also gets neo/poly/dex 2x. The options the doctor has given me are: remove the right eye completely $1,800 or $2,000 prosthesis to keep the eye as a prosthesis. The eye is completely blind as a result of course.

    For the left eye, $900 for an injection to kill the part of the eye that causes the pressure. The eye decreases in size and has a variable outcome, may or may not work. $2000 for laser in addition to the injection. The cost is not important. I want to do what’s best for Sammy.

    The part I’m struggling with is that I don’t think he’s completely blind. I believe he can still see some shadows. I don’t think I can go through the surgery to have his eye removed and take whatever vision he has left away. The drops are so excessive though and I don’t want him to be in any pain. I searched through the site to find out if anyone has had luck with the injection/laser option and been able to maintain any vision for your dog. The specialist is leading me to believe it’s not worth it but I would feel terrible if I didn’t at least try. I would love opinions and advice. Denise

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    Paula – ADMIN

    Your story is pretty much the same as mine. It seems to be the same story for most people whose dogs have glaucoma.

    I can completely understand wanting to keep the eye especially if he has some sight in it. I felt the same but inevitably mine lost the sight anyway so one eye was removed. We had laser surgery on the other eye but it didn’t take and she lost sight their as well although she was able to keep the eye as the pressure was no longer a problem.

    The main thing you need to know is that even if he ends up losing both eyes, he will be fine. Blind dogs are so amazing.

    Also, in regards to the cost of the operation can I just say that the cost can vary widely between vets on what they charge. If you ring around to different vets you are going to get quite different quotes. I have seem people charged as low as $300 per eye. The price quoted for you is on the very high end for just one eye. The average cost seems to be between $800 and $1200 and specialists will invariably charge more than your local vet. I know you say that the cost is not important but just wanted to add that here.

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