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    Hi there. I came across this site whilst searching for more information on enucleation of the second eye. Have just been told my fur baby needs this, and I am scared. I’m so sad for her, for myself, and for our family. She lost her first eye 2 1/2 years ago, and we’ve all adjusted, but to be told she needs this is a real blow to us all. Can anyone share their experiences with this at all? Just want some reassurance that all will be OK. Thank you.

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    Paula – ADMIN

    I understand completely Aimee. I went through exactly the same emotions. Mine had her first eye removed and then I think it was 6 months later (can’t remember exactly) that the second eye was hit. We tried laser surgery but it was a bit too late. She never got the sight back in the second eye but she was able to keep the eye as the pressure issue not long occurred.

    I assume it is glaucoma that is the problem here and if so then just think that at least if the eye is removed, she will no longer be in pain. Many owners notice after the eye is removed that their dogs are happier after the operation.

    Blind dogs can do amazing things. They aren’t like us humans who mope and get depressed. They just get on with life and they still have fun. My dog would take me for walks, dragging me up the street. She had no fear at all.

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    Thank you for your reply. We had been keeping it under control with travatan and azarga drops, but the lens has now luxated towards the back of the eye, and the vets say its now time. We always knew this would happen, and I suppose we’ve been lucky that she’s gone 2 1/2 years from the first enucleation. But still, I just feel so sad, and I wonder if it will change the way she engages with us? I kind of think that she will resent us for taking her eye! There is still some vision there, but it’s definitely going, and if she is in pain, we want to just make her comfortable, and give her the best life possible. The alternative is not an option for us, she is a part of the family, and we just want the best for her.

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