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    Emma is my 1 year old Boston Terrier. She was just diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes. Her pressures in both eyes are rather high, 32 in one and 51 in the other.

    Emma’s vision is pretty poor as it is…she has been having a time of it getting around the house. Our vet says the likelihood of her losing complete sight within a year is pretty high. 🙁 We have a follow up appointment on Friday and will hopefully be referred to a specialist.

    Glad to have found this forum and hope to find some encouragement I’m the days ahead

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    Hi Elizabeth,
    I just found this site this week, because as of 3-4 weeks ago my dog Darla, was diagnosed with the same. Her one eye was already blind and the pressure was up in the 80’s in the other. Miraculously her vision came back in the one eye once I got her to the specialist and she got meds. The specialist says she’ll lose her site in that eye tho.

    Keep your chin up. I cried for two weeks and still do – but it gets easier. Especially reading other peoples experiences and all the love. My Darla has not completely lost her site yet so I’ve been doing little things hoping to make it easier on her. I got a round coffee table and lowered the bed some – thinking she may still get on it..
    They say it’s harder on us than it is on the dog.
    This site is wonderful… keep reading and looking thru on all the info you can get it really does help.

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    I understand your concern. You will be amazed how good she will do. Our Siberian Husky was diagnosed when he was 3. I was absolutely devastated. You would have thought it was my sons. I cried and cried. That was over 4 years ago. He has now lost both eyes. He is simply amazing. If you saw him from the back, you would not know he was blind. You will get through it all just fine. Good luck!!!

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      Thanks for the encouragement – ready that helps….

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    Hi Elizabeth – I am new here too! Our 14 year old beagle was just diagnosed with acute glaucoma a few days ago. Her pressure was up to 80 in both eyes. We took her to a veterinary ophthalmologist and she is currently on 2 eye drops, 2 ointments and 3 oral meds 4 times a day! She bumps into everything, but Diana’s response here is giving me a bit of hope that I didn’t have before. (Thanks, Diana!) One tip the vet gave us was to take a cotton ball and put a strong scented oil (I used peppermint extract) and swab it along walls, corners, furniture and other obstacles. This seems to be helping as she is starting to recognize that means “stop, you will bump into something.”

    I hope you get some good news about Emma when she sees the specialist. (My son just got a Boston puppy and it is adorable!)

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      Oh Beaglemom58 – I just saw this. You have given me some ideas too about the cotton swab. We put up some little garden fencing to keep her from falling around in the yard… or off the deck. We have a hilly yard to it’s very hard to get around in.

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