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    Hi, I am so happy to find this group because my dog is not “adapting” like I was told to expect by the ophthalmologist. My pug Ivy was diagnosed with SARDS about a month ago (symptoms started about 6 weeks ago). She is a rescue and I have had her almost three years, she is about 10 years old now.

    Before she went blind, she used to be very feisty and fearless, loved to play fetch and attack stuffed animals. She was aggressive with other dogs, so I always kept her leashed outside. The other side of that coin is that she has also always been very stubborn, even with me. I admit that I let her be the “alpha” because she is so darn cute and it is just Ivy and me in my home so I didn’t see any real harm. So for example, before, if we were walking at the park and I wanted to go home, but Ivy pulled in the other direction I would usually end up going the way she wanted. Now that she is blind, she still insists on pulling on the leash but I have to stop her because she will be heading right for a parked car. So walks are an almost-constant power struggle because of this.

    I bought her a muffin’s halo and she refuses to wear it. She can get around the house fine, is eating and drinking fine, but she is like a zombie dog. Now that she is blind, the joy is out of her life. She does not want to play at all, even with toys that make noise. I work from home and we are together pretty much 24/7.

    One day a couple of weeks ago I had to go to an off-site meeting for work and was gone all day. When I returned home, she wasn’t even excited to see me, which has never happened. She was just sitting by the door in a fog. I don’t know what to do. It just breaks my heart that she is so miserable and has lost interest in what used to make her happy.

    Has anyone else had a dog who resisted adapting to their new situation? Should I consider asking the vet about an antidepressant medication?

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    Paula – ADMIN

    Have you purchased the book ‘Living with Blind Dogs’ by Caroline Levin? It is worth getting if you have a dog with SARDs.

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