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    I am desperate for help. Our 7-1/2 yr old lab has recently lost his sight in both eyes. He is so depressed. He went from still acting like a puppy to sleeping all day and night. My biggest concern right now is he won’t eat! I have tried feeding him everything. I can maybe get him to eat 3-5 bites of chicken….this has been going on for 2 mths. He has lost 20 lbs. We are trying to keep our hopes up but I feel like he will let himself starve the death. Any suggestions welcome as we are heartbroken.

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    Sorry to hear about your dog losing his sight. It’s really important to not change his routine much. Go on walks, go to the dog park, play in the back yard. I can’t stress this enough. Sure, your trips will be a little different as you have to learn new ways of doing them, but this is so important.
    MOST important, do not be sad or depressed. Our dogs feel what we feel. Our mood will make our dogs sad and depressed. Don’t feel sorry for your dog either. They feel that too. Encourage him to do things and get excited for him when he achieves them. My dog still gets so proud of himself when he learns to do new things.
    Once your dogs mood changes and you get him up and moving, he’ll eat.
    No more sadness and depression allowed around your dog, only happiness, encouragement and reward. You’ll be amazed how things change.
    You are your dogs seeing eye person now. Teach him new commands on the leash, up, down, stop. When you take him to the dog park, I use a leash on the trails with my blind boy and then let him free in the open space. He does great.
    We didn’t change my dogs routine at all. We just tweeked it to work better with him being blind. We do it all. We were sad in the beginning and we noticed our dog fed off of our emotions. We stopped that immediately and saw such a change in our dog.
    Now after 7 months, he goes to the dog park confidently, walks in a leash like a pro, goes in and it out of the dog door ON HIS OWN to go potty. Jumps on the bed, couch and my lap without even thinking about it. He does everything he did before. Good luck to you. Change your energy to excitement and encouragement and you will see a change and he will want to eat again.:)

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    Oh, and don’t hand feed him. Don’t treat him like a baby or baby him. That was a mistake we made. We got a fountain for his water so he could hear it and made him eat out of his bowl. Always put his bowl in the same place and don’t change around your furniture. His collar freaks him out when it hits the bowl now so I take it off when he eats. Again, good luck!:):):):)

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