Corneal Surgery

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    Deb Franklin

    Our (15 ?) year old, Marley had her left eye removed last year and just this past Saturday ended up needing a Corneal Graft on her right eye. She’s home, the surgery went well..but she seems to be she now has a cone, which causes her much anxiety ( but we have no choice but to leave it on for now) and she cannot see much at all currently( this should improve over time). She is eating, drinking, eating treats and going to the bathroom problems, but is really tired and mopey from the pain meds she is on….I am hoping once she comes off the meds, she will perk up. She pretty much sleeps a lot when she is not up eating and getting her drops. I know the rest is good for her recovery, as well. I am worried sick that we made her quality of life worse ( even though I know she was in terrible pain from the issue with her cornea) She bounced back fairly quickly from her eye removal last year, but also had vision in the other eye at that point…I am hoping she will adjust and we still have some good quality time remaining with our baby..does anyone have experience with what we are going through?

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