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    My dear Lola, a 10-y old Boston Terrier, started having eye issues since 2016. In August 2019, Lola became permanently blind. Lola has had every eye problem you can possibly imagine including retinal detachment in both eyes. In 2018, we practically lived inside the ophthalmologist’s clinic. Lola is fine. She is active and very much loved. There are things that we cannot do any more.

    The problem is yours truly. It has been a month and a half, and some days I am very sad. I have okay days and bad days. When we go to the dog park, people ask me what is wrong with Lola’s eyes. When I say that she is blind, they reply “How sad!”. One little boy at the park almost started crying today when I told him. Talking about Lola’s eyes is a trigger for tears. At home, Lola is bumping into things (I got her a Halo harness, but she does not walk when she has it on), and sometimes pees on the floor because she cannot reach the door on time (no big deal this one).

    My question to the community is, how do you cope? Perhaps is my sensitive self who is more prone to tears? 🙁


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