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    We have 3 small pups between 9-14. Our middle girl Abby, went blind about 6 months ago. Our youngest was best buddies with Abby. They played together and always slept in the same bed. I am not sure if their relationship will ever recover. Our other dogs don’t seem to understand Abby is blind. I was wondering if anyone has had success with getting their blind dog another dog or cat specifically for them?

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    Paula – ADMIN

    I had two dogs – one blind and one sighted. My blind dog was such a loving thing and would have loved to be real friends with my sighted dog but it was never to be. They never got on when they both had their sight and when she lost her sight, the other had no tolerance for her at all. If she walked into her accidentally then the sighted one would snap at her.

    I might have considered getting another dog but the difficulty was knowing if the new dog would get on with either of the older dogs.

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