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    I have an elderly Shi-itzu who is about 80% blind ( he can see light in one eye), he has just been diagnosed with Kidney Disease and hypothyroidism. We are also dealing with an eye infection right now and it’s taking a while to clear up…we have an apt. tomorrow for a check on his eyes, and he has been on eye drop antibiotics and cyclosporin and artificial tears, he also had an adverse reaction to another drop Lubrithal. Has anyone had this happen also?? Is it advantageous to continue on with the cyclosorin and other (different med’s)???
    Also I would like to ask if anyone has been contacted by an Alice Pena ?? is she a member?? she’s asking a lot of personal questions in an email I received saying she got my email from this site??
    Thank You!

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    I can’t answer your meds question, however I was contacted by Alice. I reported her/whoever it is. It’s a scam, don’t send any details.

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