Boston Terrier with Primary Glaucoma, headed for enucleation :(

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    Hi, I’m Barb and I’m the mom to Buddy, a 9-year old Boston Terrier.

    In the past five months, Buddy’s eyes have gotten progressively worse, though we’ve tried all kinds of prescription drops and ointments. The vet said that his pressure initially was borderline high but has since tipped over. She gave us the name of a specialist to see. The truth is my mom (she’s really Buddy’s owner) is on a fixed income as am I and we can’t really afford any extraordinary efforts to delay what is likely inevitable.

    About 10 days ago, on a Sunday morning,I woke up to find Buddy had what looked to be a blood blister in his right eye (which was always the “good one,” comparatively). Again, money being the unfortunate big issue for us, we couldn’t afford to take him to an emergency vet. I looked online for treatment options (medical, homeopathic, natural, etc.) and tried cold-pressed castor oil every four hours. I also started giving him glycerine added to his food to help dehydrate him a bit and bring the eye pressure down (did this for two days, then once every other day — I would withold water for about two hours afterward). The “bloody” eye looked better, day to day.

    Anyway, fast forward to yesterday. He has his annual check up at the vets. It’s not our “normal” vet but the newest member of the team who is clearly lacking inter-personal skills… no small talk, doesn’t even interact with the dogs (we brought our mutt, Daisy, in as well for a nail clipping). He gives Buddy the once over and a clean bill of health except for the eyes, of course. Believes that the right eye will have to be removed and encouraged us to keep giving drops and ointment to both eyes while we made the decision. Mind you, Buddy’s ulcerated right eye looks incredibly improved except for some redness where it should be white and you can see that there is a “dent” from the ulcer. His left eye was measured for pressure and the doc said the readings were vastly improved (I looked over his shoulder — 17, 20, 21, 17, 20, 17).

    I came home and discussed the prognosis with my mom and we agree that Buddy will likely have to have the right eye removed. I asked for an estimate of the cost and the doc called last night and said it would be between $900 and $1000. Then he called back almost immediately to report that he just had a cancellation for surgery Monday if we wanted him to do it then.

    First off, he’s not MY vet; he was just the one who saw us yesterday. If there is surgery to be done I want the vet that I know and trust, who is always so excited to see my animals when we walk through the door. I also don’t appreciate his pressuring me like that… he’s the new player on the team (his parents own the vet hospital and he received his degree about two years ago) and in my head he’s wringing his hands thinking, “Oh goody, my first enucleation!” Anway, I’m rambling now.

    Buddy doesn’t seem to be in any kind of pain or discomfort. He still eats heartily and goes outside to do his business. He still plays with Daisy in the house, fighting over the favorite dog chew. He still barks at the neighbor’s dogs. The only thing different is that he sleeps more but really, that is it.

    I know this has to be done at some point, I’m just hoping we can hold off a bit longer. In the meantime, I’ve got a schedule of drops/ointment to give him, plus I’ll keep giving Buddy Vitamin C, castor oil drops and glycerine in his food on occasion to help with the pressure.

    I’m just scared and nervous for Buddy.

    Any advice or encouraging words would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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    Hi My dog had her eye removed the pressure was 85 and they said she would be having terrible headaches so she had it removed it took her 2 weeks to get back to normal after op and she has coped great but I worry constantly for her other eye which she has to get tested every 3 months as she has Glucoma it’s a constant worry we are in the Uk and it cost us about £300 to have it removed.

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    Hi Barbara.
    I am new to this site. Actually I registered minutes ago.
    I was looking up things for blind dogs and read your post. So I wanted to share my story with you.
    I rescued my Louie, (he is 11 now), when he was 9. Last year in February, he was diagnosed with diabetes. By August the Cataracts came. Then by Decenber I noticed a change in his vision. Bumping into things.
    I bought him a halo collar to help him from smashing his face/nose into things. He tolerates it well. Plus I talk to him when he gets near steps or odd things.
    Then the bloodshot eyes came. Many drops and ointments later…. brings us to today. Actually Friday. The eye specialist told me that eye removal or ablation will be necessary because the pressure in his left eye are extremely high.
    I was very upset about it.
    But while Louie was losing his sight We found other ways to play “fetch”.
    This very long story leads to this…..
    Buddy will adjust and so will you.
    With or without his sight or eye he is still my baby. It took Louie a little time to adjust but we did it together.
    Buddy and you will be fine.

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      Thanks so much for responding… that’s wonderful to know! I have a follow up appointment with the vet on Wednesday and I’ll be talking to them about our options for Buddy. It is my belief (and my kids’) that Buddy is now blind in the eye which had the ruptured ulcer. I’m sure removing it will not change the way he has adapted except he will be a bit stressed out after the surgery. I’m hoping we get to “keep” his left eye for a while longer, provided we can keep the pressure down. Continued good luck to you and Louie!!

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    How did Buddy and you do at your appointment on Wednesday? Louie and I go back to the specialist on Friday (5/25). My boy has no sight in the left eye and can see some light in the right eye. I am hoping once we do the procedure on the left eye that he can keep the right one.
    We still go for our long walks and play. He is a champ through all of this.
    Good luck with Buddy and please keep us up to date.
    Just reading things on this forum has helped me.

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    Hi Maria,

    Not so good. 🙁 Pressure in bad eye went to 75 while the other eye averaged 25. We’ve got the surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed here, too, that we can get some time out of the good eye for a while. Hope the same for Louie. <3

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    Louie and I will keep Buddy & you in our prayers. Keep us posted.

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    Buddy had the enucleation procedure on his right eye this morning. He’s still at the vet but the vet called and said everything went well. He needs to wear his Elizabethan collar for 10 days — yikes!! It will stress that poor guy out so badly. I bought a soft neck wrap and am hoping that will work instead but we shall see. I think the hardest part will be keeping him separated from Daisy. One of them is likely going in the cage; he’s the logical choice but I doubt he will be cooperative. I may have to just keep Buddy locked in the bedroom. Glad this is over and hoping that he gets to keep his other eye for a while, at least. Can’t wait to get the all-clear to pick him up later today!

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