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    Hello everyone. I am picking up my eight week old Labrador, Seymour, on Sunday. He was born blind. From everything that I have read I should train him just like I would any puppy. That is great news, however, I have a hard time believing that is true. Does anyone have experience with a dog that was born blind?

    I also have a 5 1/2 year old chocolate lab. I am wondering how this will affect him and if there is anything I can do to make this transition as smooth as possible for all of us.

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    Bridie, I adopted a 5 year old lab, who was born blind, but had had no training at all. If you email me at I can send you many pages of great training and play ideas for dogs who are blind that a trainer of blind dogs shared with me. I’ve found the handouts super useful.


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    Debra, thank you so much! I just sent you an email

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    I adopted an eight week old blind puppy over a year ago, she’s now a year and a half. I trained her just like a regular dog in most ways. The few differences I would say is she needs a lot more physical affection than my other dog. Potty training took a long time and lots of patience but we’re finally good on that. It takes a lot of patience overall and not getting frustrated. She can also be destructive when left alone and my advice on that is never to leave your puppy alone outside of the kennel. Ours still feels more secure in enclosed spaces. She is also easily startled so make sure to talk to your puppy as you’re approaching him, especially if he’s asleep. The hardest thing to teach my puppy was Lay Down, it just didn’t seem to click with her for a long time, until we tried it on carpet and discovered that she just didn’t like the idea of laying down without something soft under her belly. Hopefully some of this is helpful, just know that there are differences in training but not so many to overwhelm you.

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