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    Dani A

    My baby boy has been impaired since I adopted him at 6 weeks, he went fully blind at around 5 months and it has been so challenging. I think the hardest thing for me besides him losing his eyes has been that no dogs with play with him.

    I also adopted one of his litter mates who is his best friend and seeing eye dog. Besides his brother though, dogs will not play with him. We go to the dog park and the other dogs with not play with him no matter how hard he tries and it breaks my heart. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but it really bothers me. He is now 9 months and has so much energy but none to get it out with. He just tries to chase the other dogs around and gets left behind.

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    Hello Dani,
    My boy lost his eyes about 5 months ago, so we are pretty close to the time line of when your pup lost his eyesight. I completely agree with you that it has been challenging. It broke my heart when he had to lose one eye and 5 days later, the other eye mysteriously went bad and they removed that one. I was heartbroken. I paid so much attention to everything he was going through and most of the time, it left me heartbroken. It would break my heart when he ran into something or when he was challenged with his normal routines, etc. Funny thing is that my dog wasn’t heartbroken. He was figuring out his surroundings and new ways of doing things.
    We would take him and his brother to the dog park and yes, things were different than before. My boy is almost 12, so he had sight for 11 years before he lost it.
    It took me a long time to let go of my emotions and just let my dog be my dog. When I did that, I realized he was a happy dog. It was me that was upset most of the time and sad about him losing his sight. I was so sensitive to every little thing he did and most of the time I was sad for him. The only person sad was me, not my dog. Our dogs feel our emotions, so maybe when he gets left behind, just give him encouragement and love and let whatever happens, happen.
    In the beginning, I would have been heartbroken if the dogs wouldn’t have played with Tucker at the dog park too, until I had this realization.
    Our babies that lose sight are figuring things out on their own. They are figuring out their new world. They think about things much differently than we do. Your pup may be just as happy running with the pack. It takes time. The more and more you go, the other dogs will get more comfortable with him, as he will get more comfortable too. Try to just watch your dog and see if he’s happy at the dog park. Is he happy running with the other dogs? Does he look sad when the others run off?It took me along time to be able to let go of what I’m feeling and just let what will be, be and what I found out is that my boy is happy. He used to be the referee at the dog park. The referee comes out from time to time now, but now he enjoys the trails more and smelling EVERYTHING. Whatever you do, don’t stop going to the park. People told us that we couldn’t take him to the dog park anymore. He LOVES the dog park and we weren’t going to change anything in our routine.
    I know this is hard. Tucker and I have had one tough year with all of this. We love them so much that we don’t want them to feel any sadness or rejection. It’s pretty awesome that he runs with the pack!:). That is a big achievement with him being blind. He’s learning and it doesn’t happen overnight, that’s for sure.
    Give it time and keep taking him. I’ll bet in no time, the other dogs will play with him. Try to stay positive and don’t let that sadness creep in if the dogs don’t interact. Our dogs feel our emotions and react to our emotions…. What makes us sad usually doesn’t make them sad at all, but they will worry about us if we are sad. Does that make sense?
    Change that emotion. That’s what I’ve learned with Tucker. If I feel bad for him, I shut that off and immediately encourage him more and praise him for every little thing he does. This alone changed my dog.
    It is a challenge having a blind dog. It gets better and better each day. You’re a great mom. Things are going to be different and just as you are adjusting, so is your boy. One day you’ll go to the dog park and a dog or dogs will play with him and it will be the most awesome day ever. The other dogs have to get used to him just as he has to get used to them.
    Give it time and stay positive. No sad thoughts allowed:):):):)
    You’re a great mom!!

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    One other thing to consider… Does his brother get protective over him at the park? Does his brother run with the other dogs independently or stay with him most of the time? If his brother stays with him most of the time, the other dogs may sense that he’s protective over him. Just a thought. I swear our animals understand us. If this is the case, just let your other dog know he doesn’t have to take care of his brother. He can run free and so can his brother. Maybe have your other dog sit with you for a short period and have your blind one run and play? Show your other dog his blind brother is ok to run and play with everyone? Just a thought.

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