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    Hi, my name is Cheryl, my beautiful little Cockapoo Olly suffered a cluster of seizures (cause unknown) 4 days ago which have left him blind. I have been advised to consider getting him a buddy (which I am happy to do), has anyone else done this and if so does it help the dog? I want to avoid adding further stress to him so thought I’d ask people with experience.

    Thanks in advance

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    Paula – ADMIN

    Personally I would wait a while before you introduce a new member into the household. He’s only just lost his sight so he needs a bit of time to get accustomed to it all. When he’s more confident (and you as well) you will know then if he needs a friend.

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    Hi Cheryl, I would definitely NOT introduce a new dog into your family at this time. It will take a while for you and Olly to adjust to this new life of being sightless. I assure you, it is an adjustment that takes more than a few days. Your dog is most likely feeling anxious about his loss of sight and many dogs actually go thru a period of depression. I would not be surprised if you also are depressed at first and grieve for your pet’s loss of sight. My dog suddenly became blink at 8 years old due to SARDS, and it was a tough time for both of us. However, I can assure you brighter days are ahead.

    I would give your dog time to adjust to this situation. He has to re-learn his way around his home, yard, and being around people and other animals. I think you will be surprised how quickly he learns to navigate without his sight. Once he feels comfortable at home, I would resume walking him on a leash. (That is, if you normally walk him outside). In my case, I thought walks would have to be given up, but with the adjustment of holding the leash tight against my side, my dog loves walking outside even though she cannot see anything. I give her commands like “UP” when we reach a curb, and gently pull up on her harness, to get her to raise her paws to step up.

    Once your dog is comfortable in his own surroundings being blind, you might introduce him to another dog. I would try doing a playdate or two with a friends dog before I went out and rescued or bought another pet. Give your dog a chance to interact with another dog to see how he reacts. If he seems to enjoy the playtime with his new friend then you could consider a permanent addition to your fur family.

    I hope my advice has been helpful for you.

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    Good Morning:

    I have a 9 year old baby pug that was just diagnosed with SARDS. Needless to say, she is now blind. While she’s not as playful as she’s been, I try to stick our walking routine, take her to the office, etc. Does anyone have recommendations on a trainer for blind dogs in San Diego?

    Plink, I saw your posts and seems that your pug is doing well. How did you guys deal with the adjustment at home? I’m having a harder time than my pug Pooka.



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