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    I’m going to be adopting a dog soon and found one at a blind dog rescue who looks promising. Are there any behavioral issues or limitations (aside from the obvious) that you’ve found with your own/someone else’s blind dog? Are things like chewing still an issue? Can they be house trained? Have you had to change your behavior or lifestyle?

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    Paula – ADMIN

    What I have found from running this website and the many people with blind dogs that come through it, is that there really isn’t much of a difference between a blind dog and a sighted dog when it comes to behavioural issues.

    A blind dog can be perfectly behaved just like a sighted dog can be perfectly behaved. And a blind dog can have many behavioural issues just like a sighted dog can have many behavioural issues.

    So yes chewing can be an issue if that dog (whether blind or not) has chewing issues. And yes a blind dog can be house trained just like a sighted dog can be house trained. A blind dog can have barking problems just like a sighted dog. A blind dog can dig up your garden just like a sighted dog. A blind dog can bite just like a sighted dog.

    In other words, generally it is not the blindness that causes behavioural problems – it is just the dog and how much training they have had in the past that determines how well behaved they are. That’s not to say that blindness can’t cause issues, it’s just that it isn’t the biggest factor that we might think it is.

    As for changing behaviour or lifestyle – I personally found no change apart from the initial stages when my dog first went blind. She handled it better than me so it worked itself out quite quickly. I only needed to make sure there weren’t any major dangerous obstacles that she could potentially run into. I could still go out and leave her on her own, I could still take her for walks and in fact, she would take me for a walk and drag me up the street even though she couldn’t see anything. Don’t know how she did it to be quite honest but there you go.

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