Blind dog for last 3 years is now struggling with bumping into things

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    Hi, new here and was hoping someone could help shed some light on a recent change in Moses.
    Moses, 11, lost his eyes 3 years ago due to glaucoma and adjusted miraculously! About a week ago he started bumping into everything in the house. He’s also started a habit of walking/bumping endlessly around the house for no reason. We can not figure out what changed. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    How is he sleeping? Our dog when thru a time where he wasn’t sleeping well and then would be disoriented. He also had a vestibular event that scared us, walking around in circles and crashing into things. We had his ears checked for ear infections, blood pressure and started him on melatonin at night to make sure he slept well. Our dog lost his eyes last February also glaucoma and is only 3 years old. Once we fixed his his sleep cicle we got back to normal.

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    Thanks for the reply. Moses is sleeping just fine. Sneezes a lot and still bumping into everything. I feel so bad for him considering how he solely relies on his sense of smell since he’s lost his sight. Time for a visit to the Vet!

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