Blind dog, bird dog and going though bushes.

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    I recently adopted a 3yo cocker spaniel who happens to be blind. She has cataracts. She is on a harness and a leash when we go out for walks, but my building has a fenced in courtyard. I am a smoker and she is super happy to follow me outside for a smoke. Occasionally she will go under the bushes in front of the building and I’m worried if it’s possible she could injure her eyes running thought the bushes because she can’t see what’s in front of her, even though she’s technically a bird dog (a hunting dog) and they’re bred for that sort of behavior, she loves hunting birdies!!! Can anyone give me some wisdom on prudent action with her? I want to make sure she’s safe, but I also don’t want to be overly cautious and coddle her. She’s a smart, confident dog, and I want to keep her that way. She knows commands like left, right, up, down, wait and WALL (which gets her to stop when she’s about to come against any obstruction). I’m new to this, any advice would be helpful! Please and thank you!

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    Yes, she can hurt hurt herself doing this. I experienced the same thing with my pug, he hurt himself running into jaged edges. Like you, I wanted my Mugsley to still experience what he loved. There are a few options, but nothing that great. There are canine goggles as well as canine halo harness. Check out the below.

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    Yah, that makes sense. Now I have her trained to stay out of the bushes. If she gets near them I call to her and she stops. Now she hunts the birds near the bushes. I seen the goggles for dogs before, they’re kinda goofy and I’m not putting her in a halo unless she goes deaf as well. I am taking her to an ophthalmologist in the near future to see if she’s a candidate for cataract surgery and if she is, I plan to start a go fund me page.

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