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      Audrey Dunn

      My girl Roxy is deaf, and a year ago lost her sight in one eye. Last weekend she lost the sight in her other eye so is now totally blind. Having difficulty coming th terms with this. Need to know the best way to walk her as obviously she won’t be able to respond to my voice. Did notice however that holding the lead up ie vertical, that she walks better, but any more information would be gratefully appreciated. Roxy is 11 and is a little Staffy….thank you

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      Hello, Audrey. I am sorry to read about your girl going deaf and blind. I know it is difficulty for you, but trust that Roxy will be fine. I do not have any experience on this. However, I wanted to tell you that there is a book available on this topic. It is available in Amazon, but perhaps your local library has it:

      Through A Dark Silence: Loving and Living with Your Blind and Deaf Dog Paperback – February 18, 2014
      by Debbie Bauer

      I hope you find this information useful.



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