Any devices known when my dog gets near gates (stairs) so I know to open them?

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    Becca Allen

    I have installed heavy duty gates that are fabric, yet hold up to 200 lbs pressure ( are the best I can find. I have a tall and narrow staircase, and one at the top and bottom. Any ideas to know he’s trying to get down/ or get up the stairs so that I can assist him? He was diagnosed with SARDS last week, and I have been as strong as I can to help him acclimate… I just don’t want him to start tearing them with his little claws; he is a Puggle only 30 lbs., but has ruined many a doors in my home in the last 7 years, and these gates are the best I can find, though pricy…. (about $140 each with shipping.)
    Someone mentioned a system called ‘Tattletale” sold on Amazon, its about $45 for two- but they are more directed with teaching pets to stay OFF items like furniture.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as well as any advice. I am also looking at the; its a device with a metal bar so they don’t walk into things so much.

    Thank you sincerely, as I am struggling,

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    Paula – ADMIN

    Is he only newly blind? If so, it may be best to just wait a little before making any purchases for anything yet.

    Blind dogs get used to being blind pretty quickly and you will find that half the stuff you buy is not really needed. I was going to buy one of those Halo things but just as well I waited as she never really needed one. Yes, she still hit herself on walls and things every now and then but it was few and far between.

    The best advice I can give and it is one that I pretty much give to everyone, is don’t fuss with him too much. Let him find his own way. They all learn to navigate pretty quickly. Bling dogs can also easily navigate going up and down stairs.

    My dog could easily find the dog door and used to fly through it especially when it was dinner time. She used to run around the yard and when she would take me for a walk she would pull me down the street despite having no idea what was in front of her.

    They can do amazing things.

    That’s just my 2 cents but only you will know what your dog needs and doesn’t.

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