Alternative to Elizabethan collar for my Boston?

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    I am certain my Boston Terrier, Buddy, will be having surgery to remove his right eye, probably within the next week or so. I do not want to put him into the typical hard plastic cone of shame. About two years ago, Buddy developed a bulging disc in his neck — it was really bad for a while as he was in extreme pain. AFter about a week, with love and lots of meds and care, we were able to get the pain under control. He occasionally has relapses, usually from “playing” too hard with his pal, Daisy, when he does that typical terrier head shaking thing. When he does that, I dose him up with a pain pill and keep him in a cage for a few hours so he doesn’t do anymore damage. The vet has cautioned us to never use a regular collar on him, always a harness, because of the disc. Given that the cone of shame uses a regular collar to keep it on, I wondered what alternatives there might be for him, given his breed and his limitations. Any suggestions from the experts?

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