Adopting Rico

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    My name is Azure and my partner Kyle and I just adopted a little Chihuahua we’ve named Rico from the Humane Society who was found wandering in a field in Central California. They think he was born blind. We already have one rescue Chihuahua who has his vision and he fell in love with Rico at the Humane Society. He hated all the other dogs. What can you do? Rico is a total zen dude who hasn’t really had many issues so far, except he doesn’t sleep that well at night. Which is a bit hard because I have sleep issues myself. Any tips? We’re trying melatonin and working on keeping him up during the day, a solid routine. I totally understand it will time. He’s not exactly anxious, per say, but he’s definitely hyper-sensenitive to noise and movement. He also wants to go out for bathroom breaks which I understand because, hey, peanut sized bladder. I just know he can hold it because he does during the day for solid periods of time.

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