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    L Dahg

    Hello I recently adopted a blind and hard of hearing lhapsa apso mix. He has one dead eye from an old infection, and the other has catarats. The vet thinks he is about 11. The shelter thought he was almost completely deaf but I quickly learned he can hear various sounds. He responds to paper rustling, bags crinkling, dogs barking, and get spooked by the noise of dog food bags (I guess something happened in his past). He is such a sweet dog. He walks and rides well, and we have been able to leave him alone in a seperate room overnight with no issues. We have kitties and he ignores them – or might not know they are there. He likewise ignores dogs around them. He ‘stares’ if they bark loud enough or catches the scent but otherwise ignores it.

    As for me…29 yr old gal in Texas, always wanted a senior dog and one I can give all my time and attention to. I found it with Matt and was practically led to him when other dogs I wanted were already adopted or people were scammers. Came here mostly to look around…and need tips on how to spark play. He does like to play and responds to squeaks, but it is hard for me to get him to know the toy is right there. He has tossed a stuffed toy around a few times but when he loses it, he moves on. I am buying a ball to stick treats in since he responded to a kong at the shelter to see how that goes.

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    Paula – ADMIN

    He sounds like such a sweetie. I love it when old dogs get a beautiful new life.

    When it comes to playing, every dog is different regardless of whether they are blind or not. My sighted dog has no interest in playing with toys. I throw and ball and she will have a bit of interest for about 5 seconds and they goes on to other things.

    So if your blind dog doesn’t want to play it may not be because he is blind, it just may be that he is just not interested.

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