Acute onset glaucoma at 11 weeks old

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    Hi! My name is Erin.

    Just as I was finishing up with grad school, I decided that it was time to get my own puppy.

    I live with my sister and her two dogs, who are both very good boys. Her oldest dog, Moe (a 10-year-old Newfie-poodle mix) had started showing signs of slowing down and my sister and I wanted to make sure that her younger dog, Elliot (a 6-year-old Aussiedoodle) would continue having a companion to play and bond with.

    Because Elliot has been an incredible pup, I decided that I also would get an aussiedoodle puppy through the same breeder. (Aside: the breeder is amazing and her farm is so lovely! She has been a companion in this whole journey and takes super good care of her animals. We love her!)

    At 11 weeks, my sister and I picked him up and brought him home.
    I named him Ludo, as I am a fan of the sweet and gentle monster with the same name from the David Bowie film, Labyrinth.

    We noticed, though, that over the next 24 hours something wasn’t right. He was super tired and didn’t want to eat.
    His left eye started to get a gummy discharge.

    Within literal hours we were rushing him to the emergency vet because his eye started to grow large.
    We were sent to an emergency specialist who diagnosed his acute onset glaucoma. We tried therapy with medication for about 2 weeks before we realized that he was still in a lot of pain.

    We made the tough decision to have his left eye removed, hoping that this would allow him to experience less discomfort and begin to lead a normal puppy life.

    It worked! He recovered from surgery well and began to go to a puppy program five days a week at our local doggie daycare.
    We wanted him to experience as normal of a puppy life as he could. And he was an all-star puppy! We were lucky that he was a sweet, gentle boy at school. (At home he was a typical puppy terror to his big brothers!)

    We started training him to walk on the leash and learn some doggy manners, preparing for possible total blindness. We signed up for an obedience class and– that smartie– he got a perfect score on his exit exam.

    Ludo is now nearly 9 months old and living the best life he can!
    We learn new things together every day and I am so grateful for all the love and companionship he continues to give me.
    I can’t imagine life without him.

    I am excited to meet and learn about other doggies who have visual impairment because new questions and concerns pop up all the time.

    Ludo also has an instagram: ludom0je

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