Abby has no eyes

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    My Abby is 6 years old and just had her second eye removed. She went blind at 2 and had one eye removed about 3 years ago. The first operation was upsetting as I didn’t know what to expect. She healed well and afterwards she was pain free and very happy. we didn’t realise how much pain she was in, but if you dog mopes around and shakes for no reason. they are likely in pain. I was actually relieved when we had to have the second eye removed as it was bulgy and I was worried the would hit it and cause trauma. She was only in pain a few days with the second eye when we took her to the vet and opted to have the eye removed instead of see a specialist she was already blind in that eye. She actually looks better no she has no eyes. I am going to let her hair grow over the eye area so she will look okay. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who has a pet in pain. The difference afterwards is amazing. Abby plays jumps on and off the furniture. She has no issues navigating and I have not barrigadeed the stairs. She has never fell down them I do have a gate at the entrance way that I had to put a noodle on the bottom because she would crawl under it to get to the door. I am thinking about a halo but not too sure I want to go that route.
    Abby is my second blind dog. Mitzie I trained to stop when I clapped and Abby I say up when there are stairs. I would suggest training your dog to stop when you clap. Mitzie was able to run free in off leash areas with no fear. She would run full out and as soon as I clapped my hands she would stop dead in her tracks and feel her way around the object.

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