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    Our next door neighbor breeds dogs and sells them as “designer” mixes. I don’t care for it, but I can’t really stop them. Today my husband was chatting with Neighbor and learns their latest litter, born just two days ago, was a disaster. They had multiple problems with it, but the one that brings me here is the pup they had born with its eyes already open. According to Neighbor, their vet has said pup will definitely be blind and may need her eyes removed when she gets a bit older. Neighbor said they were going to preemptively put her down and my husband stepped in to say that we would give her a home when she is weaned to keep her from being euthanized unnecessarily. So now there is a 48-hour-old blind puppy we have promised to care for when she’s weaned and I have no idea where to start. Neighbor has agreed to allow us to come start handling her when she hits a few weeks old, so she will know our scent. Is there anything else we can do/should do to prepare ourselves, our house, and our existing dog to be the best home possible for this little girl?

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    How amazing you are for taking care of this blind puppy! Please please go on Facebook and join the Blind Dogs group and Blind Dogs – Owners and Supporters. There are so many of us on there that have wonderfully happy blind dogs and you will too! There are tons of resources and tons of support on these pages! This site where you posted unfortunately doesn’t have much action. If you post on those Blind Dog Pages on FB, you will find an amazing support system! 🙂

    Thank you again for taking this Blind baby! You will learn so much and you’ll see how happy he/she can be!

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