5 month old puppy, blind for almost one month. No eyes

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    Hi everyone,
    I adopted Nova from a rescue, she came from Nunavut.
    She had some gastrointestinal issues from day one but I never imagined what would follow.
    On July 1, she was acting strange and I noticed her pupil was huge and her eye was cloudy. Long story short, that eye had to be removed on July 5 after no response to treatment.
    She recovered quickly and I suspect she did not have vision in that eye to begin with.
    On August 22, she was completely fine but then at night she walked into the house instead of through the doorway. Her eye was not reactive and her pupil suddenly appeared huge.
    I brought her in to the vet immediately again. Her eye pressure was 70.
    On August 27, she had her second eye enucleation. I had tried to manage the pressure with drops by having her at home on the 25&26, but her pressure increased even on the anti glaucoma drops. She was in pain. It was so heartbreaking.

    Now, she has her staples out as of Sept 10. She is only 5 months old now. I’d like to help answer questions if anyone has, and also hear from others if they have any training tips or suggestions.

    Thank you!

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