Dogs eyesight saved

I just finished reading so many post and they are heartbreaking , my 8 year old puggle went through the same thing. Diabetic Ketoacidosis acidosis and pancreatitis, almost lost him. Came through then got cataracts and went blind 2 months later.

We had cataracts removed he could see perfectly but then 2 weeks later developed glaucoma had pressures that went as high as 90 at one point very scary. We went to a specialist and had endolaser surgery done that was 3 years ago and he is still doing great today😀.

My daughters husky just went through the procedure last week for the same reasons. There are alternatives to removing the eyes. I was devastated because my dog loved to play fetch with his ball and now he still can.

When he had his done it was only the second time she had done it, but now they have 3 vets that do it quite routinely when drops don’t get the job done. Btw he will always be on drops still just not quite so often. Hope this helps.

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