Buddy’s challenges

BuddyAbout 18 months ago Buddy went from a super active & healthy 11 year old Labrador to knocking on deaths door. The vet virtually diagnosed every condition from old age to arthritis before diabetes was finally the culprit.

After 6 months of adjusting his & our lifestyle he started to go blind. He was coping really well until during one of his blood curves testing the vet noticed a lump in his mouth and diagnosed cancer, this has had a massive knock on effect with Buddy’s insulin and we were told he may not recover of if he did would not live longer than 10 months at best. We went ahead with the surgical option and Buddy had half of his bottom jaw removed.

image3image4His recovery was slow & difficult. He stopped eating which meant we could give him his insulin injections which in turn made him poorly and unable to eat. After cooking Buddy every food and eventually tempting him back to eating we made good progress and he has bounced back to good health although his diabetes is still considered uncontrolled. I have noticed not only has he know become completely blind but is losing his hearing. He is now 12 and a half and is still enjoying his walks and cuddles, eating and rolling about on the grass his continual decline in hearing is getting difficult to manage as he is very jumpy all the time.

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