My Big Hearted Buddy

Hello Everyone, I’m new to the sight and am really needing some words of encouragement. My six year old Yorkie Divot is my baby as I’m sure everyone on here will same the same about their dog. For the past five years my husband worked evenings and nights and it was just me and Divot. […]

Ella, blind border collie at 9 months

Ella’s medical history: surgery to remove subluxated lenses (not totally successful, one lens remains in rear of eye), surgery to reduce eye pressure (not successful), chemical ablation of ciliary body by injection (caused blindness but successful in one eye), finally enucleation of one eye. All this in her first two years of life. The good […]

Removal of his eye

blind dog, glaucoma

I have been very fortunate to have found this blog, to read everyones stories has truly been a bandaid to my heart. Thank you to everyone who has posted pics, stories, and experiences from everyones journey as i hope my story can console anyone who is confused or curious how it is to have a […]

Angel and I

blind dog,

Angel and I are inseparable, and have been for ten years; we only have each other. Mid last-year, I noticed a cloudiness to her eyes, and after seeing a specialist, it turned out Angel only had mild cataracts, which could be operated on if they became worse. And they did, quickly. After four delays to […]

My Fur-Son Shian Can Hear Smell & Feel Now

blind dog

I have 7 year old lab mix who just went totally sightless this month – it was probably 3 years ago I first realized he had some night sight issues – and about 18 months ago I realized he was loosing peripheral vision (also up & down) and was progressively in tunnel-vision – it was […]


blind dog

I had Avery before I had kids; she was my first “baby.” When Avery went blind at age six (no idea how/why), she had one furry sister and two human brothers. She did not let the loss of her sight get in the way of life. In time, she became the big sister to two […]


blind dog

Remi is our chocolate lab and our 1 year old daughter’s best friend. About two weeks ago we noticed that she was having trouble seeing where she was going. We really knew something was wrong when she quit playing fetch because she couldn’t find her tennis ball. We took her to the vet and he […]

My chi with glaucoma

My oldest chi is 14 years old. He is the best most loving dog I have ever had(although I have 2 more that are spoiled also). Pico started eye problems in Oct 2016. He is being treated but my vet says we need to remove his eye and in time his other eye will go. […]

Kaci Lynn

Kaci Lynn is old Black Mouth Cur mix, who is a little less than 10 years old. Kaci Lynn was a rescue. A veterinarian, who was our neighbor, placed Kaci with us when Kaci was about 11 weeks old. She is a gift from God. About 6 months ago, my husband and I started noticing […]