My Shih Tzu

My baby CC was diagnosed with glaucoma two years ago in her left eye. Within the next few days of her diagnosis she had surgery to help with the pain and pressure. Unfortunately glaucoma is not curable. Last month her eye started to look very blood shot and very dark blue. We brought her to […]

Dolly’s Story


About a year ago, I was asked to foster (my #16) a senior Beagle named Dolly. I traveled to the shelter, where Dolly and a younger, pregnant Beagle were taken, and was able to bring them both into our organization. Dolly had a huge mammary tumor the size of a grapefruit; she was blind; she […]

Our BT has Glaucoma

Yesterday, I took our dog, Jackson to the vet for a yearly checkup and because I was concerned about his right eye. After doing research on the internet; I suspected he had Glaucoma. The vet prescribed him eye drops and we will be going to see a animal eye care specialist in a couple of […]

Spanky’s Journey

Spanky - blind dog

Spanky is a four month old Cocker Spaniel born in December of 2017. On March 8th before I got him, he has an ocular trauma injury that the breeder did not see happen but heard the pup yelping. Upon inspection the eye was bulging out. A trip to the vet where it was put back […]

Buddy – My Blind Puppy

I have always been an animal lover, I am the mom to a mini Aussie/Newfie mix, Lily and was ready to add another baby to my family. I went to look at blue heelers when I met my newest additions to my family. When all of the puppies were shown to me, I was immediately […]

Hope a Blind Double Dapples Doxie

Hope was born blind because she is a double dapple and I got her when she was 8 weeks old. The rescue got her from a puppy mill and I got her from the rescue. She barks a lot at sounds and she doesn’t like men and she has been that way from the time […]

Eli Has Glaucoma

Hi there, I’m feeling a crazy amount of anxiety about my poor little Eli. He is 4.5 years old, a rescue from my local humane society. I have had him for about 6 months now. A couple of weeks ago his left eye was suddenly blue & cloudy one morning. It was a Sunday and […]

Moosy Moo has Glaucoma

Hi, my name is Pink. I have two Great Danes, PD and Moose aka Moosy Moo aka Moo aka Moo Moo aka Sweet Moo Boy. My husband and I adopted Moosy Moo in October of 2016. He had traveled from Louisiana via different rescues all the way to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia. He […]