Blind Energy

Tanner - Blind DogMy pup Tanner just turned two last month. He has been progressively losing his sight since about 7 months of age.

We’ve been seeing a specialist and I have been giving multiple meds (in ointment form as he won’t sit still for drops) for over a year now. The meds don’t seem to be doing much for him.

The eye doc says he thinks that the mineralization in his eyes is due to hereditary condition or some sort of immuno deficiency. I have come to accept that he will ultimately be totally blind.

In the meantime, his sight is very limited. The biggest problem that I have is that he doesn’t seem to know that he can’t see well. He goes 90 miles an hour and he weighs 80 pounds. He’s knocked me down a few times now because he can’t see at all at about a yard or two away. I think he sees more from a distance, but maybe just if something is moving (I wish I knew what the limitations were).

Anyway, I am worried for his safety and for mine. The last time he knocked me down my knee was injured and I’m still recovery from that. Now I’m so paranoid that he will run into me again, or someone else. I’m afraid to even take him to the dog park any more as much as he loves it in fear that he will run into someone, or something and hurt himself or someone else.

I’ve seen the halo harness, and I know that would not stop him. I put a bell on his collar so I can hear him coming, but he is so fast. Tanner is a sweet boy, love other people and dogs, but he’s so excitable and energetic. I love him for that but at the same time, if he were more calm he would be of less danger to himself and others.

I would just like to know if anyone else out there has had a similar experience and could offer some help. At this point I feel like it will have to be short walks around the neighborhood and maybe an occasional hike in the woods but no more free roaming it in the parks or otherwise. Please help. Thank you for any advice.

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