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Tori the Survivor

Tori is my male chihuahua who contracted Glaucoma when he was 11 yo. After numerous treatments his eye pressure was high and he was in a lot of pain. Upon removal he recovered very well. He had trouble with his depth perception but slowed down and adjusted. His other eye was perfectly normal but the […]


Hello people from Blind Dog Support, Just wanted to share my history of what happened to me a few days ago. Unfortunately my lovely 10 year Yorkie (Gucci) was biten by a Golden Retriever in the head. The pressure of the bite made both Gucci’s eyes pop out, leaving her blind for ever. For more […]

Dogs eyesight saved

I just finished reading so many post and they are heartbreaking , my 8 year old puggle went through the same thing. Diabetic Ketoacidosis acidosis and pancreatitis, almost lost him. Came through then got cataracts and went blind 2 months later. We had cataracts removed he could see perfectly but then 2 weeks later developed […]

This is Billy

Hi there, I am fostering Mr. Billy who has had years of being locked up and little or no dog exposure and suffering from progressive blindness. Has anyone else successfully worked through decreasing dog aggression in a blind dog? Billy can be aggressively reactive if a dog runs, barks or once he starts to greet […]


blind dog

I had Avery before I had kids; she was my first “baby.” When Avery went blind at age six (no idea how/why), she had one furry sister and two human brothers. She did not let the loss of her sight get in the way of life. In time, she became the big sister to two […]


blind dog

Remi is our chocolate lab and our 1 year old daughter’s best friend. About two weeks ago we noticed that she was having trouble seeing where she was going. We really knew something was wrong when she quit playing fetch because she couldn’t find her tennis ball. We took her to the vet and he […]

Horror before Halloween

blind dog, dog attack

I won’t go into a lot of detail, except to say that my little pug mix, Stella, was attacked by another dog and lost both of her eyes. She is only 2-1/2 years old. I am devastated. She is still on meds and sort of loopy, so I don’t know quite how this will play […]


blind dog

Thank you so much for the support group that has helped me so profoundly in making a decision that was so hard to make. I was notified recently that my dad’s 10 year old cockerpoo Molly had some issues with her eye turning white. little had I known by first sight what was really going […]

Cadi’s Story

My Welsh Terrier, Cadi, was diagnosed with glaucoma when she was 2 years old. She had been doing fine till recently when we noticed she couldn’t see very well. She is 7 years old now, still a fairly young dog. The opthomalgist said she needed to have the eye surgery because she was in a […]