Month: June 2019

Spotty the blind dog

Well last week we took our dog, an 11 year old Jack Russell cross, to a veterinary ophthalmologist after being referred by our local vet. As background about 2 years ago Spotty became suddenly “blind”. He seemed happy enough and so we didn’t take any action other than keeping things in the same place and […]

Charlie, a working dog’s story

Charlie is what we call a “Hospice Rescue”. I don’t know much about his first 5 years, just that he spent them with an elderly gentleman in South Florida whose only family was Charlie. His owner was on hospice before he passed which in South Florida is a blessing, it meant that he would go […]

Tori the Survivor

Tori is my male chihuahua who contracted Glaucoma when he was 11 yo. After numerous treatments his eye pressure was high and he was in a lot of pain. Upon removal he recovered very well. He had trouble with his depth perception but slowed down and adjusted. His other eye was perfectly normal but the […]

Murphy’s Story with SARDS

I wanted to share a little bit about our dog Murphy. He is a beautiful 6 year old French Brittany Spaniel who lost his eyesight 2 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with SARDS. We have had Murphy since he was a puppy. He is very intelligent. He is our baby. Before his diagnosis Murphy loved […]