Month: August 2018

My gorgeus blind friend

Hi, my name is Agnes and I adopted charming dog named Janus.He is blind. I only know that in the past he had a normal vision. When he lost his vision in both eyes his owner banned or abandoned him.Why did somebody do it ? Blind dogs are like a special friends, they love you […]

12 year old Shih Tzu Blind/PRD/SARDS

Our sweeet little almost 12 year-old Shih Tzu went blind about 5 weeks ago. The eye specialist diagnosed it as Progressive Retinal Disease with some SARDS mixed in?? He has not had any major symptoms i.e. excessive water consumption or drooling. He has gained weight, but mainly because he no longer likes to go out […]

My Timothy My heart

I was told yesterday that Timothy is blind because of diabetes. I am so devastated and sad and scared. He is staying very close to me now.. I have read do not pamper them, but well else can I do. He is lying between my feet right now. He knows how to get around the […]