Month: October 2016

Barney’s Story – Going Blind

First, I want to thank those that took the take time to share their stories. You gave me much needed support and encouragement during a very challenging time with my miniature schnauzer. I hope our story can help someone else. Barney is a rescue we adopted in 2013; he’s between 7-10 yrs. In early July, […]

My girl Pinkie

I am new to this group and hope to obtain some suggestions to help me with my puppy. She is a corgi, 7 weeks old. Her eyes failed to open when the other puppies eyes opened. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with microphthalmia, a disease in which the eyes are […]


My husband and I decided to adopt a dog through a rescue. There were several things we were looking for in a dog. I preferred a female. NOT a puppy. Very calm ( our dalmation mix is very old and afraid of hyper dogs). A small dog that gets along with other dogs and cats […]


I got my dog from an animal shelter in 2008 and what a time it has been. The first week he tore up a queen size mattress, ate the leather pockets off a pool table, and ate my brand new shoes. I wouldn’t trade a minute with this dog. He settled in and became the […]

Sam the Amazing

My husband and I adopted Sam, a 5 year old Shih Tzu cross in May 2015. He’s clever and sweet and we’re just crazy about him. At Christmas time he began suffering an eye infection that just wouldn’t go away. After a few weeks of failed attempts to treat it, my vet sent me to […]

Buddy my best friend the bullmastiff

My bullmastiff had primary glaucoma. This was determined when the first eye was removed and sent off to the lab to find out what destroyed the vision. It came back as primary glaucoma which confirmed the same thing would happen to his second eye. Right before the first eye was removed – I was dropping […]

Bella girl

I have a 5 year old shih tzu who was put on apoquel for severe allergies. She was on it for 2 years. Not sure if that had anything to do with her having an eye ulcer in one eye requiring her to have surgery on it twice. The day of the second surgery on […]